Wildcats Programme

Wild Cats is the Cat Laughs platform for up-and-coming comedic talent.

Come and see the next big thing as they showcase the hour of comedy they know is in them somewhere! As part of the Wildcats programme, we give up-and-coming comics the chance to test out their new show material in front of the best comedy audience in the world; the Kilkenny Cat Laughs crowd!

Wildcats are paired with a Cat Laughs mentor, drawn from the great relationships we’ve built over the years. These mentors see the Wildcats shows and give them a little advice and support to help their careers head in the best direction.

Wild Cat shows

Ken Cheng (Wild Cat)

Monday 4 June / 19:30 / Cleere's
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Norris And Parker (Wild Cat)

Friday 1 June / 20:30 / Cleere's
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Aine Gallagher (Wild Cat)

Saturday 2 June / 14:30 / Cleere's
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Sara Barron (Wild Cat)

Sunday 3 June / 16:30 / Cleere's
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Maisie Adam (Wild Cat)

Sunday 3 June / 18:00 / Cleere's
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Catherine Bohart (Wild Cat)

Sunday 3 June / 20:30 / Cleere's
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Hannah Mamalis (Wild Cat)

Monday 4 June / 16:00 / Hole In The Wall
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Aidan Greene (Wild Cat)

Monday 4 June / 18:00 / Cleere's
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