Reductress present Mouth Time


Venue: Langtons Set Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes
Date: Monday 4 June
Time: 18:00
Price: €10
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Yaaaass, Girl! Reductress, your home for “Womens’ News. Feminized”, is coming to Cat Laughs.

Since 2013, Reductress editors, Quenn and Dikoda, have been powdering and contouring the face of online satire through articles like “Woman Decides It’s Too Much Labor to Describe The Concept of Emotional Labor”, “How To Smile At Your Birthday Brunch Even Though Life Is Slipping Through Your Fingers Like Sand” and “These Women Are Beautiful, Even Though They Are All Freshwater Catfish”.

Their unmissable podcast, Mouth Time, is an essential dish-sesh on the latest in fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, trends, and pictures! With sassy catchphrases, non-threatening debates, silent hot guys, and bold life advice, Reductress’ Mouth Time gives you everything you’ve come to expect from a women’s magazine podcast in 2018. Live your best life and get your mouth on!

The Reductress Podcast

About Reductress: Back in 2013, Two Brooklyn Comedians Didn’t Like The Way Media Spoke to Women. So they started the website Reductress, a new comedic voice in women’s media. Reductress is a satirical women’s media empire, taking on the best and worst of woman – focused blogs, magazines and consumer culture. Reductress pulls millions of unique visitors to their website each month, plus their popular Mouth Time podcast, original theatricals and live events across the country.

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