Kiri Pritchard McLean : Wild Cat


Venue: Cleere’s
Date: Saturday 03 June
Time: 16:30
Price: €5
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Appropriate Adult – work in progress

This will be the second show from the rising star, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, and is about her time volunteering with teenagers who live in poverty and her desire to adopt kids- and how much of a boner killer that is.

Kiri has written and performed on Radio 4’s The Now Show, Fresh from the Fringe and State of the Nation as well as writing for Newsjack, the Newsquiz. She has also supported Sarah Millican and Rob Brydon on tour, and played just about every comedy club in Britain.

Wild Cats is our platform for up-and-coming comedic talent. In 2017 the Wild Cats programme is focusing on comedians who are preparing their show for the Edinburgh Fringe – the world’s biggest comedy festival and where artists go to be discovered.

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