The Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour


Venue:Langton’s Set Theatre
Date: Monday 05 June
Time: 16:00
Price: €10
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The latest instalment of Collapsing Horse’s weird, speculative and kinda funny Science Fiction podcast.

Each show is a recording of two stand-alone radio plays by different writers, each given license to speculate wildly about the other possible realities. Performed live by the Collapsing Horse ensemble with live music and foley sounds, then broadcast to the world, this is War of the Worlds meets Mighty Boosh.
This week’s episodes are :

Yokespiracy by Sarah Francis and Una Mullally

Sarah Francis is a screenwriter and producer from Donegal. She has written numerous scripts for RTE’s Fair City, and as story editor of Fair City oversaw 300 episodes of the television drama. Before moving into screenwriting, she presented radio programmes, worked in the camera department on blockbuster films in Ireland, Britain and the US, directed commercials, and wrote and produced radio documentaries and drama. In 2016, she co-founded the cross-media production company Lucid Lucid with Una Mullally.

Una Mullally is a journalist, author and spoken word artist from Dublin. She is a columnist with the Irish Times and contributes to the Guardian. She has presented and produced music series for TG4 and documentaries for RTE. Her first book In The Name Of Love, was an oral history of the movement for marriage equality in Ireland, and she is currently working on her second, an anthology of literature and design emerging from the movement for reproductive rights in Ireland. In 2016, she co-founded the cross-media production company Lucid Lucid with Sarah Francis.

Dragon Warz by Stefanie Preissner and Rachel Yoder

Stefanie Preissner: At twenty-eight, writer and actor Stefanie Preissner, is blazing a trail as one of the most influential voices of her generation. Her six-part comedy-drama series Can’t Cope/Won’t Cope, hit RTE 2 screens in September 2016 and heralded a new era in Irish TV with it’s sharp observations on youth culture. It has been bought for broadcast by BBC Three and recomissioned by RTE for a seconded series. Her one-woman theatre show, Solpadeine is My Boyfriend enjoyed sell-out runs in Dublin before touring internationally to Bucharest, Edinburgh and Australia and – as a radio play – it became RTE’s most downloaded podcast.

Rachel Yoder is a writer living in New York but still thinking about Ireland. She graduated from UCC Drama and Theatre Studies in 2009 and spent several years working with Roundhouse Productions, taking Lipstick to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on a regional tour in Cork. She participated in TITLE, a residency programme as part of Cork Midsummer’s Solstice Festival in 2012. She has been lying low creatively for the past few years and is excited to be a part of The Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour and jump back into the waters.

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