Surprise Me: 15% off

For those who are seeking out the weird and wonderful, the bold and unexpected – take a chance on this craic deal and dive into the deep.


Rubberbandits (Ormonde Kilbride 23:00)


Soho Theatre at Cat Laughs (Langton’s Set Theatre 21:00)

Attention Bébé (Langton’s Set Theatre 23:30)


Ireland v Rest of the World Football Match (Kilkenny City Fairgreen 14:00)

An Irishman Abroad (Langton’s Set Theatre 16:00)

Limmy (Watergate Theatre 20:00)

David O Doherty, Barry Murphy, Scott Gibson, Eleanor Tiernan (Cleere’s 21:00)


Joanne McNally : Wild Cat (Cleere’s 15:00)

TJ Miller, Colm O’Regan, Colin Murphy, Alison Spittle (Cleere’s 19:30)

Goodnight Cats (21.00)

€160 tickets for €136

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