The Bear Pack

Leave logic, reason and expectations at the door – The Bear Pack is Sydney’s Barry Award nominated Steen Raskopoulos (‘Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia’, BBC’s ‘Top Coppers’) and Carlo Ritchie (‘The Checkout’).

Improv performers boasting a near-divine level of inspiration – encouraged by the audience’s suggestions, the Bear Pack will create the kind of stories that’ll put your grandparents to shame.

"Masters of their craft and will have you in stitches" ★★★★★ The Music

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The Bear Pack

Saturday 2 June / 22:00 / Village Inn

The Bear Pack

Sunday 3 June / 22:00 / Village Inn
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The Bear Pack’s audience have no idea what thrilling and hilarious twisted tale they’re in for! That said, all comers are guaranteed to be left in awe of the quick-witted and creative minds of this unparalleled improvisational braintrust.

Make sure you get to witness the fun during this special show at Kilkenny Cat Laughs.

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