Ruth Hunter

A deadpan delight leading a new wave of Irish comedy

Ruth Hunter is a human comedian and questionably female writer who lives and works in Dublin. She spends her time calculating distances between chairs and the places she is supposed to be. Such places include: the office, her mother’s house on her birthday, London for that trial she definitely never got the letter about what? and renewing her prescriptions. She was told by a psychic on her 12th birthday that the universe would one day send her an important message. Ruth placed second at Edinburgh’s So You Think You’re Funny in 2016, and has been on the rise since then, in Dublin hosting shows at The Workman’s and making a name for herself across Ireland as a comedian to watch.

“Hunter's style of comedy can be best described as droll and deadpan with a sprinkling of surreality for good measure.” Totally Dublin

Appearing In:

The Rockies: Ruth Hunter

Saturday 1 June / 15:00 / Brogan's
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The Rockies Final

Sunday 2 June / 17:00 / Left Bank
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