Róisín and Chiara

Róisín and Chiara are 'cult in the making' surreal - sketch - comedy - duo. Their last show Back to Back sold out at Soho Theatre and their new show promises to solve the question of true love. No pressure.

These ‘improvising geniuses’ started their journey in 2010 at the London International School of Performing Arts and they have been joint in holy friendship since then. Forming a tight duo in 2014, they now complete each other’s sentences and are planning their wedding for this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They’ve got lots of stars from lots of newspapers and were the Sunday Times Comedy Pick. They’re also on the telly and the radio in some things and are planning world domination. Watch this space.

“like The Mighty Boosh on acid… unmissable ” - ★★★★ Broadway Baby

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