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The Queen of Ireland, National Fucking Treasure, Dr. Panti Bliss, AKA Rory O’Neil, makes her Cat Laughs debut this year.

Panti stormed onto the international stage in 2014 with her devastating “Noble Call” and related “shitstorm”. The speech went viral, broadcast around the world – even remixed by the Pet Shop Boys – and was the basis of the award-winning Queen of Ireland documentary. Panti, who is now a cherished as a national cultural object, was once a creature of the fringes and leader avant garde of queer club performance in Dublin in the early 90s. Now she graces the stage of the Kilkenny, hosting similar such freaks and misfits in the Soho Theatre Cat Laughs.

Performing in

Soho Theatre @ The Cat Laughs

Saturday 03 June / 21.00 / The Set Theatre
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