Nicole Silverberg

Nicole is a comedian and writer living in New York.

Named one of the “50 Funniest People in Brooklyn” by Brooklyn Magazine, Nicole currently writes for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, is a regular contributor to GQ Magazine and serves as the longtime editor of satirical juggernaut, Reductress.

The latest feather in [Reductress'] cap is the truly marvelous podcast Mouth Time, featuring ‘ladymag editors’ Quenn and Dikoda (Nicole Silverberg and Rachel Wenitsky) who embody with next-level commitment every quality of the media Reductress lampoons... The result is something special." Paste Magazine.

Appearing In:

Reductress @ The Cat Laughs

Sunday 3rd June / 18:00 / Langtons Set Theatre
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Reductress present Mouth Time

Monday 4 June / 18:00 / Langtons Set Theatre
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Aside from her work as an editor at Reductress, Nicole also co-writes and co-hosts the website’s acclaimed podcast ‘Mouth Time! with Reductress’. Nicole’s takedowns of “Women’s Interest” magazine are, at turns, withering and absurd as she helps guide you toward becoming ‘the woman you never wanted to be.’

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