John Kearns

John Kearns meteoric rise as a stand-up saw him becoming the first person to win the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award only a year after being named Best Newcomer.

Since then, John has been travelling the world showcasing his richly, idiosyncratic brand of comedy.

Appearing In:

Soho Theatre @ The Cat Laughs

Saturday 2nd June / 20:00 / Langtons Set Theatre

To call John’s approach unique might be something of an understatement. His mix of crackpot absurdity and deadpan delivery coalesce into a deeply satisfying comedic stew all of their own. John’s wins at Edinburgh were also notable as both shows appeared on PBH’s Free Fringe, making his 2013 win the first ever for a free show. In 2014 he was nominated for three Chortle Awards and was nominated in 2014 and 2015 for the Melbourne Barry Award.

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