Jason Manford

One of Britain’s premier comics, Jason Manford’s combination of everyman charm and inspired observational humour has seen him dominate big theatres and panel shows alike.

Manchester born, but boasting the Irish Granny required for us to claim him as one of our own, Jason’s Irish heritage never fails to bring a little extra spice his performances on these shores.

“One of the most consistently funny and effortlessly charming new comics around” - Jonathan Ross

Appearing In:

Since first taking to the stage at age 17, filling in for a performer that didn’t turn up for their set, the Mancunian Mansford’s rise was meteoric. Within 6 gigs of his debut, Jason had been crowned ‘The City Life North West Comedian of the Year’ and has since been nominated for Edinburgh’s prestigious Perrier Award. Having risen through the ranks of the British comedy club scene and gone on to play locales as far-flung as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and China, Jason Manford continues to reign as the undisputed king of everyman observational acumen.

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