Blindboy Boatclub

This man needs little by way of introduction, he’s the reason your Dad’s best friend has been doing your head in about how to go about downloading podcasts.

Blindboy Boatclub, one half of the The Rubberbandits, has been dominating the Irish podcast charts since the debut of his eclectic and absurd show.

“Blindboy’s gift is an undeniable tenderness, juxtaposed with his shocking (and absolutely NSFW) way with language.” Irish Times

Appearing In:

The Blindboy Podcast

Saturday 2nd June / 15:00 / Langtons Ballroom

Soho Theatre @ The Cat Laughs

Saturday 2nd June / 20:00 / Langtons Set Theatre

One part fiction, a pinch of politics and a heaped spoonful of lunacy go into each episode. We daren’t speculate just what Blindboy has in store for this very special live edition. Who’d have thought the new face of Irish social-commentary would be obscured by a plastic bag?!

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